Main benefits

Compare hotel prices on 100+ booking sites at once

Hotelmegasearch search more than 100 booking sites worldwide. Results of hotels are produced in usable list to easy compare. Wide range of booking portals will save your time to check dozens of booking sites. Do the hotel search in a very convenient way to find best prices in seconds.

Search filters

Search can return too many results of hotels. Use advanced filters on left side to instantly narrow down the list.

Interactive city map

Use interactive city map to explore the location of hotels, compare price and location to find best deal to book. On the map you can find most popular tourist objects, museums, main transport stations etc. All information you need to make your best decision!

Verified hotel reviews

Hotel reviews are summarized in a short summary of main points. Reviews are collected only from booking sites which allow to post reviews only for real travellers who have booked the hotel. Please visit booking sites to read full reviews of travellers.